ODC's resources include extensive background material developed by the staff over years of teaching and applying concepts developed through experience and reflection.

ODC's resources include networks of thought leaders and published material that informs the fundamentals and foundations of our approach to design and education.

ODC's extensive resource base will be made available for the use of the organizations and people we work with. Some materials have been made public. The links are made available on this site. Some material will be developed specifically for each unique project and will remain proprietary.


Book Reviews
If you like us are interested in books that have to do with design thinking and theory then you might want to look here. Some of the reviews are more specifically about "interaction design". Erik Stolterman, who is one of the ODC founders, publishes these book reviews and book notes on his personal blog "Transforming Grounds". These book reviews are written with the purpose to help interested readers to find books they might like and to get some guidance on what kind of book it is.

If you have ideas for book reviews or if you have written your own and think it would be appropriate for ODC to link to it or publish it, please let us know.


Recommended Design Sites


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Business Design - Rotman
Design Works – Rotman

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Aalto U.

Stanford U.

Carnegie Mellon U.
Centers and Institutions

Advanced Design Institute


The Creative Leadership Forum


Creativity at Work